With the same top thickness and durability as the other Indiana Items the Indiana Sideboard will last a lifetime.

Material/Specification Detail:

Indiana Products are manufactured in Asia using a unique wild grade of Oak timber. Oak is chosen that is rustic and authentic that displays the true look and character on offer in this range. All product top panels are made from Laminated Oak, this is done to avoid any splitting or timber movement that can occur when using large solid timber panels.

Indiana Table tops are finished with a hot wax coating, this process is largely by hand application and not only magnifies the colour and character of the wood grain but acts as an effective waterproofing barrier. Other table tops are finished with a lacquer coatings however once this is penetrated moisture can get underneath and cause damage whereas the Wax coatings soak into the timber and act as a long lasting moisture resistant finish coating.

All Indiana Range sub frame materials (Black colour Legs and Rails) are all solid Beech Timber. Legs and have height adjustable feet to assist in levelling pieces where floor surfaces may not be completely level. All Beech Timber is coated in a 2 Pac Low gloss black Lacquer. Using the Solid beech Timber for the Legs and Sub Frames is essential not only for the look and rigidity of the product but ensures Indiana products stay free of any potential splitting or warping challenges.

We recommend Indiana is not placed in direct sunlight, any Timber being heated and cooled constantly will react and can fade. If the Table top on you item looks slightly faded or dry you may need to visit your local Harvey Norman store and purchase some Furniture Wax to lightly coat the table top and rub in with a soft rag. – All instruction for this process is on the Wax itself.

Indiana is a fantastic range, it will keep displaying the beauty of this genuine wild grain timber while looked after. Care for it and it will last a life time!

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Codes & Specification
Code Item Dimensions
6900 Indiana Dining Table 1900 1900 x 1000 x 750mm
6900/5590 Indiana Dining Suite 9 Pce 1900 x 1000 x 750mm
6901 Indiana Dining Table 1600 1600 x 1000 x 750mm
6901/5590 Indiana Dining Suite 7 Pce 1600 x 1000 x 750mm
6905 Indiana Bench Seat for 1.6m Tbl – NEW 1320 x 380 x 450mm
6906 Indiana Bench Seat for 1.9m Tbl – NEW 1660 x 380 x 450mm
6910 Indiana Sideboard 1600 x 420 x 850mm
6911 Indiana Coffee Table 1150 x 550 x 450mm
6912 Indiana Console Table 1060 x 400 x 800mm
6913 Indiana Lamp Table 550 x 550 x 550mm
6914 Indiana Entertainment Unit 1600 x 420 x 480mm
6920 Indiana Bar Leaner 1000sq – NEW 1000 x 1000mm
6921 Indiana Bar Leaner 1400x800mm – NEW 1400 x 800mm
5590 Indiana Dining Chair

Download the Indiana Range Data Sheet Here

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